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13 Watt UV Bulb; Replacement Lamp G23 or GX23

Incorrect 13 Watt UV Bulb Replacement Recommendations

This is a shorter post than many here at UV Sterilizer Reviews, so although the content is short, the reason for writing this review is the copious amounts of incorrect information here on the internet about the correct 13 Watt Compact UV Bulbs to use for many Aquarium and Pond UV-C devices.

Sadly many websites or UV Bulb Guides are incorrectly recommending the GX23 UV Replacement Bulb (such as the Purely PUVX213) for these UV Sterilizers:

GX 2 Clip UV bulb Base,PUVX213 The GX style UV Bulb has a two clip base (see the picture to the left)
This GX base will not fit these before mentioned UV Sterilizers without modifications that may damage either your UV Lamp or UV Sterilizer (or both)

G23 1 Clip UV bulb Base,fits Terminator, AquaTop, Submariner The correct UV Bulb is the G23/PLS 13 Watt pictured to the left.
This Compact UV Bulb base fits many older UV Sterilizers/Clarifers as well that have newer models that take the GX23 UV Bulb base such as the older Cyprio & Fish Mate UVs

G23 Replacement UV Lamps

If you need a correct UV Replacement Bulb Guide, I suggest this professionally written website:

UV Replacement Bulb Guide

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