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UVC Irradiation and Immune Response, Aquarium Applications

UVC irradiation and immune response
This includes human research into BioPhotonic Therapy and UVBI Therapy

Updated 12/8/14

This article/post is meant to expand on my previous article “Fish Immune System and UV Sterilization”. This time utilizing information about UVC irradiation as per human studies and its affect on disease treatment and over all aquatic health.
While the application to fish in aquariums/ponds is somewhat “apples to oranges” in comparison at this point in time, the implications are certainly far reaching as to the affect on Aquatic Redox and fish health.

Since most in depth research is found in human studies due to the costs involved vs. lack of funding in the aquarium keeping hobby as well as the unfortunately common anecdotal comments made about UV Sterilization made by many in the aquarium hobby that are years behind real research; one often needs to go outside the hobby to find good and cutting edge research. In fact I just recently came across this gem of a post of anecdotal bad information from an otherwise good aquatic article: “For me, a UV filter is just a ‘feel good’ device and leads hobbyists into a false sense of security” It is too bad that so many aquarium keepers simply refuse to do their homework, but this is likely to continue considering how lazy many persons can be at times (otherwise how can you explain the popularity of such terrible sites for aquatic information such as Yahoo Answers among many others, or directories such as DMOZ with its outdated directories).

The concept of BioPhotonic Therapy and UVBI Therapy was brought to my attention in an email and phone call by a researcher (Dr. Mamoon Kundi) who found me via my UV and Redox research articles.
One concept is clear and that is that the use of >UVC lamps can affect both the oxidizing and reducing side of the Redox Balance equation that is so important for life.
Information on Redox

Studies in UV Irradiation

 BioPhotonic, UVBI Therapy  DeviceIn these studies, blood is irradiated (via different methods), often with very pronounced results. William Campbell Douglass, MD, who treats his patients using only alternatives and has written several books on these subjects, wrote a book called Into the Light, where he recommends Photoluminescence Therapy for the following conditions:
• Immune deficiency problems
• Viral Infections (hepatitis, respiratory, etc.)
• Pneumonia
• Non-healing wounds and wound infections
• Emphysema
• Inflammatory Processes: fibrositis (inflammation of, mainly, the muscle sheath), bursitis, iritis (inflammation of the iris), pancreatitis, etc
• Autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, etc.
• Osteomyelitis (bacterial infection of the bone marrow)
• Septicemia (virulent infection of the blood)
• Cancer (experimental at present)
• Peripheral vascular disease
• Most vascular disease
• Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a blood vessel that results in blood clots)

Implications of this research as per aquariums/ponds
While we as aquarium and pond keepers are not too likely to utilize these UV blood irradiation therapies on our fish, this still has implications as to how a UV Sterilizer can be an important part of ANY aquarium keeper’s (or pond keeper) filtration system in that this latest research backs up many of my own tests and research going back to the early 1990s. The implications of the affect of the UV irradiation on how it may not necessarily outright kill pathogenic microbes found in the water column, however it certainly allows for an improved fish immune system response to pathogens, which is one of my earlier findings as well (although I did not know the whys of my test results back then). The affect of UVC irradiation also has a positive affect on Aquarium Redox Balance which is also important for aquatic health.

It is also noteworthy that even with regular water changes, and the addition of mineral cations that both replenish the electrolytes from the reducing side of the equation, this is only a part of what the human studies indicate, and that is while the use of minerals and other antioxidants is certainly a good idea, when there are stressors such as disease pathogens, immune deficiency problems, etc. there is a need for additional ongoing Redox Reduction to counter free radicals that a UV Sterilizer provides that mineral cations cannot provide adequately.

The bottom line is this is just one more piece of evidence that a correctly installed UV Sterilizer should be part of every serious aquarist filtration system, especially those who keep expensive, rare, or delicate fish.

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