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I am writing this post not to brag, but to show the many doubters who continually listen to the anecdotal advice coming from many forums (Yahoo answers in particular) and elsewhere not only about UV Sterilization, but about aquarium keeping and pond keeping in general.
This is an email of a reader who made a long trip down to our warehouse based on reading my aquarium information articles. He had read many of them (the UV Sterilization article in particular).
See: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/AquariumUVSterilization.html

He then tried the custom UV Sterilizer and the Wonder Shells (based on information from my article about Aquarium Chemistry KH, Calcium, & Electrolytes), and other methods suggested (not all methods results in the need to buy something either, many are DIY).
See this resource link: "Wonder Shells for Aquarium Minerals"

The email this reader sent me:


I wanted to let you know that your uv sterilizers are great! I have used them over the last week or so and my aquariums have never looked better. Your website speaks the truth. I have spent a lot of money on other filter devices, particularly very expensive protein skimmers, that do not do the same job as a simple uv sterilizer. I like your device more than my Coralife UV as yours has more secure connections and it has a nice flow.
See: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/UVSterilizers.html

My reef tank now has pristine, clear water. The inhabitants are doing well.

My discus tank has shown a dramatic improvement. Previously, the water was always slightly cloudy, even with multiple filters and daily water changes. Now, it is much cleaner. My discus are very large and although beautiful, they are sloppy eaters that produce a lot of waste. It makes no sense to keep a bacterial bloom in the water column, as you have pointed out! The color of the discus has improved. Previously, several of them would hang out near the back and they were very shy to eat. Now, with your UV unit, they all come out to the front of the tank and beg me for food. They have never acted that way in the past. They also appeared to have cleared small spots on them that I believe may have been a low grade hexamita infestation.

My planted tank is also improved with high intensity lighting and less algae growth noted. I had occasionally lost fish in this tank when newly added from the store and I believe that the odds of success have been greatly improved.

I wish you well and I hope that others read up on your site. I have been keeping fish for over thirty years and you have taught me a lot. I am reading about tropical fish constantly and it is very seldom that something new comes along. I give you a lot of credit. It is interesting to go back to some of the standard authors and texts in the hobby and compare your notes. I think that you have something to teach them.

I also appreciate your meeting with me to show me your products first hand. Please feel free to stay in touch with me. If you are ever in Roseburg, I would love to show you some very fine aquariums. Keep in the hobby so that you can keep up your skills.

Your friend,

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